You may not be aware how essential vacant property management could be to validity of your Landlords Insurance. This applies to all properties that are going to be vacant for 2-weeks or more, including Pembrokeshire holiday homes.

Landlord Insurance – Vacant Property Management

Insurance companies are clamping down on enhanced security and maintenance of unoccupied buildings. Therefore a fortnightly inspection and log is needed to ensure that the property is in a good state of repair.

According to most Landlord insurers unoccupied homes (exceeding 2-weeks) are covered if the below conditions are met

If any of the below conditions are not met, any claims will be void and not paid.

A home is to be inspected internally by your or a representative at least once every 2-weeks

Any issues are to be rectified to ensure the building is in a good state of repair

A written record of these inspections should be kept and available in the event of a claim.

Aside from the above conditions, during the 1st November and 31st March you must ensure that:

  • Water supply is turned off at the mains and entire water system full drained


  • There is a fully working central heating system which is set to operate continuously for 24 hours each day at a temperature of not less than 10 degrees Celsius. If there is a fitted loft hatch then this must be kept open.

If the above is not met then claims related to the following causes will be void and not paid: Water or Oil leakage from and fixed water or heating installation or domestic appliances.

This can be a lot of maintenance work if you are not local to your Pembrokeshire vacant property. However small this may seem it is important that your assets or investments are covered. If you are not under any vacant property management service we can assist with this.

NetLet UK Homeowners

As part of our commission rates, all properties on our portfolio are automatically checked every fortnight if vacant. After each departure, each property is automatically set according to the above conditions.

As well as vacant property checks  we cover additional areas that may be an issue for claims such as; ensuring exterior perimeters are secure and any combustible materials and stored away from the building.

This service not always available for holiday homeowners. Letting agencies look after your online presence and bookings, however, the management of the property is still your sole responsibility.

Pembrokeshire NetLet has opened this service up to non-NetLet homeowners within Pembrokeshire for either of the following:

  • Holiday Homes
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

For a small subscription fee of £50-£60 per month (ex VAT) will see that this is covered. You will get two fortnightly reports emailed to you at the end of the month when you superscription fee is due. These reports will outline any issue or repairs that need addressing and a list of supplier who can carry the work out.

To make sure you are not caught short this service will ensure all areas are covered when your property is not continuously being used.

Register today!

Register your property today by emailing NetLetUK.

All you need to do is supply your property name, contact information and location and we will do the rest.

Our office will schedule a call to ensure it is checked accordingly, along with your monthly subscription. It is as easy as that.