Ty Cwsg Mawr – Llanreithan

Ty Cwsg Mawr – Llanreithan

Ty Cwsg Mawr – Llanreithan


Sleeps 7

£595 - £950

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  • Ty-Cwsg-Mawr-Church-Conversion-Llanreithan-Pembrokeshire-NetLet-Restoration-Man-Sleeps-7-Dog-Friendly-crogg-room
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Dog Friendly Holiday Home in Pembrokeshire

Dog Friendly Holiday Home in Pembrokeshire from George Clarke’s The Restoration Man .

The Church Conversion 

“From a wreck to a TV star, this charming and quirky former Pembrokeshire church is now a lovely, low energy home and even has its own healing spring water” – Wales Online

We think you are going to enjoy this historic and contemporary holiday home in Pembrokeshire renovated on the TV show Restoration Man. The church has been renovated to the highest standards and is such a special place to stay. This place is exceptional and will take your breath away with a mix of modern and original features.


Ty Cwsg Mawr, near Llanreithan has 3 bedrooms and sleeps up to 7 people. Inside the open plan living area are two seating areas. One is a cosy living space with a smart TV and music corner.  The music corner is equipped with a piano, drums and percussion instruments for all the family. Here you will see the original stain glass preserved in a light box for your viewing. Positioned next to this is the stunning spiral staircase that leads up to the bedrooms and bathroom. This home has a open plan dining area with original church pews around the table and a second living space through which you reach the kitchen area.

There is a wood burner that also doubles as a wood fired oven and hob. We recommend trying some slow cooked meat or even pizzas in this. It will not disappoint and will be a fun activity for all the family. Opposite this key feature is a deep 3-seater sofa perfect for an after dinner tipple in front of the fire. This holiday home offers several separate spaces as not to restrict you to one are, which we love. If you do not want to watch TV, there is another area to read a book or relax, in front of the fire.

Centrally positioned in the kitchen is a authentic island with an unusual work surface. You will see small embellishments in this concrete and a large candle holder from the original church. Under the full length window is a gas multi-burner cooker along with all of the other essential appliances you will need for your stay. There is a washing machine in the kitchen and with the under floor heating it is easy to dry your washing. Off to the side of the kitchen is an original feature door which leads out to the outdoor seating area. You will find plenty of space in this kitchen with ample storage in the island and surrounding cupboards.


Up the spiral staircase you will notice the interior change into the contemporary part of this home. As you approach the top of the stairs the landing is mesmerizing. The blue bedroom is to your left, bathroom ahead with the crogg loft and pink room to your right. Enjoy the architecture of the hallway with inbuilt LED lights to illuminate the walkway into the bedrooms.

Storing your belongings during your stay can not be easier with ample cupboard space and supplied hangers. Enjoy the experience in the bathroom with exposed copper pipes and stunning brass waterfall shower head. The bedrooms comprise of 2 double beds, 1 King sized bed and 1 single bed. The Crogg loft is such a innovative way to utilize space and make it fun and adventurous for children. All rooms come with bedding, linen, towels and basic essentials to get your started on your first night.

If you are blessed with height, it should be noted, the doorway into the pink room is quite low. Make sure to duck when entering the room!

This dog friendly holiday home in Pembrokeshire really is something special. Every angle, view and area has been decorated and designed to captivate your imagination. There is so much culture and history in this one space which alone will provide entertainment throughout your stay.


Ty Cwsg Mawr was a disused Victorian Church and was converted into a home a couple of years ago. The couple who converted it wanted a unique home but kept the key original features such as the stone work. After the conversion it changed owners who then wanted to give the public the opportunity to stay in this amazing conversion.


Sat between St Davids and Fishguard, this converted church is located in a peaceful yet convenient spot and has stunning views across open countryside. This home is approached over a slate path through the public graveyard to the original church entrance doors. Parking for a number of vehicles is available through the entrance to the church yard (blue gate).

About 5 miles from this holiday home is Abermawr (Big Beach) and Aberbach (Small Beach). What makes these beaches great is that they are dog friendly all year round, so there is no need to worry about restrictions with your four legged friends.

8.6 miles away you have the ‘smallest city’ in the UK, St David’s. This city is a popular tourist destination with its 12th century Cathedral. This Cathedral was the final resting place of St David the patron saint of Wales. 16 miles further inland you will come into Haverfordwest Town. This has a 13th Century Castle and a local history and heritage museum for your viewing. There is also a retail park here so you can do some shopping if required.

To make sure you dogs can enjoy the whole holiday experience take a look at our dog friendly pubs in Pembrokeshire page on our website.


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