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Top Tips For Bringing Your Dog On Holiday

Most self-catering holidays allow you to bring your dog. Over 50% of our properties are dog friendly with plenty of dog friendly activities, attractions and things to do in Pembrokeshire.

If this is your first time bringing your four legged friend away, don’t worry. The guide below, will list key points to pack, consider and organise before and during your stay.

A Guide for bringing your dog on holiday 

As a dog owner myself to my gorgeous Cavalier called Strudel (@adventuresofstrudel), there is nothing more daunting then leaving her behind. She is so used to being in a routine with me 24/7 and I have this element of guilt when I know I have to leave her behind. But, if I had the option I would prefer to bring her with me, not only to keep her close but to also explore with her by my side.

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Self-catering holidays

Self-catering holidays offer that freedom to bring your dog with you and treat the home as your own. If you are fortunate to find dog-friendly accommodation within a safe distance to travel then keep reading. The information below may be useful to you. If not, keep reading anyway, you may one day get the chance to experience this:

Steps to consider when bringing your dog on holiday with you:

Pick a location that is within a comfortable distance for the dog to travel (6 hours is advised to be the maximum).

When looking at dog friendly accommodation, check the suitability of the property to your dogs requirements.

Message your host if you are bringing a dog. It is always nice to forewarn that a dog is coming and if over 2 dogs, there could be additional fee’s involved.

Plan your journey and the stops required along the way. It is advised to stop every two hours to allow your dog to stretch its legs and to go to the toilet.

Bringing your dog on holiday in Pembrokeshire NetLet

– Pack plenty of supplies, not only for the journey but for the stay too. A bowl and a bottle of water kept handy is good while travelling just incase the weather is warm. Ensure to pack enough food, if you run out it is not advised to suddenly change their food to a new brand.

Home from Home. To make the holiday home seem familiar, pack their favourite toys, bed and something that smells of their home. If you have to leave them for a short while then leave this behind. It has been proven that leaving a familiar scent can reduce their stress.

– Make a note of the local vets contact details and bring your pets passport or any medication prescriptions with you. If you need to seek medical advice from another vet during your stay they may require this information.

– When you arrive at the holiday home, do a sweep around the property before you allow the dog off the lead. Just to check for any potential escape routes and items that may be a hazard to them.

– During your stay keep an eye on the weather and plan your activities accordingly. Hotter days, dogs shouldn’t stay in the car for long and try to stay local if you are concerned.

– Try to keep your dog off the soft furnishings if possible to make sure hair doesn’t embed too deep into the fabrics. If your dog causes any mess or damage it is important to report this immediately so the property agent/owner can sort any problem.

Dog on Holiday Pembrokeshire NetLet UK

To start you off on your next adventure why don’t you view our dog friendly accommodation in Pembrokeshire. Make sure to check out our places to eat page so you’re not left hungry when out with your four legged friend.

All the best,

Emma x