Rescue Bats – Pembrokeshire, Wales

Our Story of rescuing “Sir Baton” the Bat …

PHC recently had their own experience with rescuing bats.

On the 25.06 one of our housekeepers went into one of holiday properties and found a bat on the kitchen floor. The bat didn’t seem to be doing too well, so PHC rang ‘The Bat Conservation Society’ (0345 1300 228) who told us that bats are protected by law and that it is illegal to disturb and disrupt bats that have roosted in the area, if you see an injured or distressed bat you must report it to the bat society straight away.

Peter From the BCS’ was extremely helpful and called our housekeeper directly to advise how to care for it and what to do while rescuing the bat.

Peter had advised our housekeeper to wrap the bat in a blanket and move into a well-ventilated box to transport to the nearest veterinary clinic. Fenton Vet Clinic reacted quickly and professionally by administering a drop of glucose. As soon as the bat appeared more alert and regained its strength, it was then returned to the property it was found earlier that day. Later on that evening at dusk, it was released back into the wild by the neighbours of the property.

PHC learned a very valuable lesson that day and we recognised how much help there is out there when rescuing bats. Its a obligation everyone needs to be aware of so we can make sure this species is well protected.

We felt we needed to share this story as so many people are unaware of the laws surrounding our local bat population, and how they are an endangered species and must be respected and protected in all areas of the UK.


So, we ask, what would you do if you found yourself in a similar situation?

In every case, we are advised by professionals that the bat be contained to prevent it from getting lost while a bat carer is contacted or to be kept safe and comfortable for release later

  • Prepare a box with a secure fitting lid (a shoe box or disused ice cream tub would be suitable) by putting a few small air holes into the lid of the box for ventilation.
  • Place the box over the bat and use a piece of cardboard to gently and carefully slide the bat into the box.

You can find all the information you will need on the laws surrounding bats and what do to if you find yourself in this situation on The Bat Conservation Trust website;

If you require a Bat survey to be taken on a property or area you feel could be hosting a roost of Bats there are a few options:

We hope this helps you if you find yourself rescuing bats in your local area.